Tesco commits to former Master Brewer site

Tue 27 January 2015, 10:11 am

Tesco has committed to developing a 3,540sq m supermarket, a six-storey, 70-bedroom hotel and 125 homes on the site of the former Master Brewer hotel in Hillingdon Circus.

Despite announcing the closure of 49 stores and putting on hold numerous other developments, Tesco has said it will forge ahead with plans for the Master Brewer project.

The scheme will bring 200 jobs to the area, with 30 per cent going to the long-term unemployed, a spokesperson for the supermarket brand said. 

Dave Lewis, chief executive officer, said: “We’ve carefully reviewed our planned new store developments across the country and it remains our intention to open our planned store in Hillingdon.

“We continue to believe that the store will provide a valued service to the local community. It will also provide a great shopping experience as well as bringing new jobs and investment to the area.”

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