Town centres

Mon 30 June 2014, 4:05 pm

What are now Hillingdon's town centres were for many centuries self-sufficient, thriving villages, only absorbed into the capital via the 19th century railway boom. All have retained their character and are still just as vital for local people and the economic life of the borough.

Bringing big changes to Hayes, Cathedral Group's transformation of EMI's former premises, the Old Vinyl Factory

The Hillingdon area is made up of several ‘urban villages'. Some of the town centres – Hayes and West Drayton – are due another rail-led renaissance, thanks to Crossrail, which will help bring in investment in public transport, boost property investment and bolster infrastructure, attracting businesses, shoppers and new residents.

Hillingdon Council has undertaken a number of projects to improve both the physical environment – with no or low cost parking, pavements, lighting and landscaping – and their profile and public image, increasing footfall and spending, helping to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

Hayes, Northwood Hills and Ruislip Manor have received funding from the Greater London Authority to carry out the results of public consultation undertaken last year, concentrating on new layouts, traffic calming, and improving shopping.

To further improve transport and accessibility, Hillingdon will continue to utilise TfL Local Implementation Plan funding (LIP – given to local projects which support the London mayor's transport strategy) on bus stop accessibility, safer traffic around schools, pedestrian wayfinding, and improving the Grand Union Canal towpath to encourage more cycling and walking. 

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